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Turn your existing servers, devices and cloud machines into a cloud-like environment.
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Ollama / Ollama
llama3 8b
Ollama / llama3 8b
llama3 70b
Ollama / llama3 70b
Open WebUI
open-webui / Open WebUI
nilsherzig / LLocalSearch
Mistral 7B (vLLM)
Mistral AI / Mistral 7B (vLLM)
Gemma 7B (vLLM)
Google / Gemma 7B (vLLM)
Gemma 2B (vLLM)
Google / Gemma 2B (vLLM)
Incredibly Fast Whisper
vaibhavs10 / Incredibly Fast Whisper

Scale on Your Own Infrastructure

Use Synpse to self-host applications and AI models in the cloud, on-prem servers or data center of your choice.

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  • Data never leaves your secure enclave
  • Rich UI, API and CLI experience
  • Enterprise-ready RBAC
  • Remote SSH access
  • Auto updates
Run containerized applications

Use Docker containers just like you are already used to. No need to learn new tools. Reproducible builds, safe deployments. Test your apps locally and then push to production.

Iterate, iterate, iterate. Synpse makes it easy to quickly deploy new versions of your apps to different machines and devices.

Manage infrastructure

If your job is to manage infrastructure, you can use Synpse to easily track all your inventory. View resource utilization, get alerts when machines go down and come back up. SSH any of your devices whenever you need.

Group your devices, control their naming. Synpse makes it easy.

Control thousands of devices
Things change a lot when you move from a dozen of devices to thousands. Synpse employs multiple techniques to effectively schedule applications at scale as well as gives you ability to find failing devices, get alerts and control them remotely.
Access your beefy GPU from anywhere

Many companies that work in AI research tend to invest into hardware. However, this hardware can sometimes sit in an office or a private data-center and not be used to its full potential. Synpse allows you to access your GPU from anywhere.

Run Jupyter notebooks, connect Collab notebooks or serve models. Check out few blog posts:

Looking to run your startup on a budget?
There's probably nothing cheaper and more powerful than a medium/large size VPS. You can get one from Hetzner or a OVH for as little as $5/month. You can then use Synpse to run your apps on it.

Declarative deployments

Example app

Application configuration is heavily inspired by Docker Compose and Kubernetes, two most popular tools to run container workloads on a single machine and at scale.

  • Deployment based on labels
  • Dashboard and API/CLI controls
  • Integrate into CI/CD system
  • Device data available for applications
  • Dynamic templates